Used Teknion 5×5 HIgh Low Cubicles – 1/1/24

Experience the ideal fusion of design and functionality with our 5×5 Teknion cubicles. These units feature innovative high-low panels for enhanced natural light, a spacious 60×30 inch work surface, and a versatile 24×30 inch secondary surface. Complete with mobile box file and file file storage, these superbly conditioned cubicles provide ample organization space in a stylish package.

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You will find the lowest cost on used Teknion high-low panel cubicles. We are Orlando’s cubicle liquidation source. Purchase decommissioned cubicle by Teknion at Office Liquidation in Orlando.


Teknion 5×5 Cubicles: Where Design Meets Practicality

Illuminated Workspace for Enhanced Productivity Revitalize your office with our 5×5 Teknion cubicles, crafted to boost both productivity and visual appeal. The innovative high-low panel design allows for an abundance of natural light, fostering an inviting and vibrant work environment. These cubicles, known for their exceptional design and condition, are perfect for any professional setting.

Spacious and Adaptable Work Surface Designed to accommodate diverse work styles, these cubicles feature a primary work surface of 60×30 inches and a secondary surface of 24×30 inches. This ample space is ideal for housing computers, paperwork, and essential tools, ensuring an organized and efficient workspace.

Efficient Storage for Organized Workspaces With a mobile box file and a file file storage system, these cubicles address all your organizational needs. These storage options are strategically designed for convenience and accessibility, helping to maintain a clutter-free workspace with all your important items close at hand.

Versatile for Various Office Layouts These Teknion cubicles are perfectly suited for a range of office layouts. Their size and contemporary design make them adaptable for both individual-focused and collaborative spaces, enhancing any modern office environment.

Elevate Your Office with Sophisticated Functionality Invest in your workspace with these Teknion cubicles. They aren’t just practical; they bring a sense of refined elegance to any office. In excellent condition and featuring a timeless design, these cubicles are a smart investment that will enrich both productivity and office ambiance.

Transform your office space with these exceptional Teknion cubicles. To learn more or to make a purchase, please contact us. Act swiftly to give your workspace the upgrade it deserves with these exquisite pieces.