Mayline “Ergonomic Desks” Speckled Gray Matrix Tf Laminate, Ice Gray T-mold/Pvc, Black Paint Desks 605LTVZ

The VariTask LT-Series Single surface (rectangular) includes a drive system comprising a 110V, 60Hz AC input, 12V DC motor. It’s a 120 lb. capacity, and brings 1.6 amps under a full load. The work surface is made from thermally-fused laminate having a T-form edge standard. The non-flexible piece of the base may be painted in any one of our Corporate Shades to get a $50 List upcharge. Amounts are restricted to 5 of any version per order.


Ergonomic Desks Desks by Mayline Drive System consists of a 110V, 60Hz AC input, 12V DC motor. 120 lb. capacity. Draws 1.6 amps under full load. The travel range is 16.5″ of vertical adjustment from 25″ to 41.5″; the full travel time is 13 seconds. The work surface is made of thermally-fused laminate with a T-mold edge standard. The non-adjustable portion of the base can be painted in any of our Corporate Colors for a $50 List upcharge. Quantities are limited to 5 of any model per order.

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Dimensions 30 × 36 × 25 in



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