A Title Company Expansion Story

By Cathy

The client was expanding to a new office and wanted 170 “new” workstations in various sizes but did not have the budget to purchase all new product. We were able to take our Teknion inventory and recover  with new fabric in the colors they choose. We also repainted the trim and added stacker panels and glass to the larger manager workstations. Additionally we moved their existing furniture that they wanted to keep to their new location. Lastly, we removed the remaining existing furniture and issued a credit towards their balance.

By offering these blended options and a credit, our client was able to get the look they wanted, move in smoothly and stay within their budget, a win win for everyone.


Old ugly dirty office cubicles


Picture of old orange and red office cubicles.

Refurbished Teknion Office Cubicles


Refurbished Teknion office cubicles.